residential remodeling & new construction


Even small renovations are by definition invasive and potentially disruptive to one’s domestic tranquility. This can be minimized with efficient planning and execution. It is also important for home owners to be appraised of all aspects of the work in progress and I put a priority on clearly communicating with clients about details of design, construction and cost at every step of the project.

Satisfied Customers

Knowing that unexpected "things" would occur, we are extremely happy with how the price turned out. We are impressed with the quality of the work and with your personal skills. I appreciate your care of managing sub-contractors and for having quality people assist you.
Tom Miro and Betsy Weiss






Thank You! We are totally satisfied with how you handled our job and sing your praises to others. The attention you paid to detail, timely subcontracting, and keeping the work on track all the way through to completion was impressive! Thanks again!
Jeff and Dede Grether




I want to reiterate how pleased we are. You did a beautiful job, and we will be in touch if we decide to do anything else. Many thanks for everything.
Laurence Frank

At first thought, a fixed price contract seems like the obvious thing to do when getting work done on your home. However, there are benefits to working on a Time and Materials basis with a contractor like Mark Irons. I wouldn't recommend this with all contractors, but with Mark I would, as his primary motivations are to get the job done properly, economically, and expeditiously. We had Mark work for us twice, once on a small front porch conversion, and the second time, an addition to the back of our house. His pre-job estimates were within 5% of the total. If you're interested in getting the job done right the first time, having a say in quality of materials chosen, and influencing the project as it evolves, I'd highly recommend a T&M basis with Mark. We saw all the materials bills, all the subcontractor bills, and had Mark focused on completing the job, not on dealing with change orders.
Dariush Arasteh - Oakland

From Historic Advisory Board in Alameda

Mark, after this experience, we can't imagine why anyone would willingly sign up for public service. But we are grateful to have someone of your professionalism and integrity there. Alameda is better for it.